Quran Translation And Tafseer


This course is especially designed for students who want to learn to translate Quran so that they are able to understand the meaning of verses of Quran. This course intends to lay the basic foundation of understanding Arabic and its meanings. Once the student has developed an understanding of Arabic, then the meanings are interpreted in light of the context in which the verses were revealed.
o Students are taught the meaning of few Arabic words every day
o The students are taught meaning of the verses word by word
o The meaning of the verses are properly explained to the students
o After literal translation of the verses the students are explained the contextual meaning of the words and verses
o Student will be able to understand the meaning of the verses and know the situation in which the verses were revealed

All of our courses are conducted online with one on one Real time tutoring. There are no group sessions so a teacher can concentrate on each student individually. Maktab is our patent E-learning software for teaching Quran online having following features:
o Online digital Quran
o Call recordings
o Daily lesson data entry
o Laptop activity monitoring tool on teacher’s end

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