Online Hadith Learning Course

In this course, the students are introduced to basics of Hadith, its history, compilation, the terminologies, the books, and the allied studies of Hadiths. Having grasped this course, the students are able to benefit the original sources of jurisprudence without getting involved into peripheral issues.

We are the part of great Islamic institutions of our times, Knowledge Of Quran and our faculty consists of renowned religious scholars and 8-years Islamic Shari’ah Course (Dars-e-Nizami) degree holders, most of whom are MPhil scholars. Our experienced and highly qualified members of faculty make us unique and unparalleled among the other Online Islamic institutes.

Any action, utterance or Taqrir (deliberate silence) or quality associated with The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is called Hadith. Hadith is the second most authentic source of reference after the Quran. Without Hadith, the understanding of Quran remains incomplete, the jurisprudential arguments become irrelevant and it becomes impossible to formulate sound judgment.

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