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Quran Courses

Quran Courses

Our core work consists of teaching Online Quran Courses with contemporary and dynamic ways. The methods, procedures and processes we offer in teaching these courses help the students to learn, grow and be self-sufficient in reading Quran in future In-Shaa-Allah. Learn the Quran Courses online with Tajweed and Tarteel courses. Learn to read, understand, learn how to recite, memorize in online classes; lessons for kids, adults, female with live tutors over the Skype.

The featured  Quran Courses outline are as follow:

In most cases, the students and their parents cannot judge the quality of a teacher, so we are offering a quality assurance service, which enables you to have full support of KnowledgeOfQuran to learn Quran Courses online with perfect manner.

Importance Of Education In Islam

An obligation is a duty that an individual is bound to fulfill. In Islam, it is an obligation for the Muslims to acquire knowledge. This clearly shows that education holds a very high status in Islam and it does not only support peace and love but also strongly supports learning and knowledge


DKnowledge does not consist in narrating much. Knowledge is but a light which Allah places in the heart.

DIt is not the knowledge which should come to you, it is you who should come to the knowledge.


Acquire knowledge and teach people. Learn Quran courses along with it dignity and tranquility and humility for those who teach you and humility for those whom you teach. Do not be tyrannical scholars and thus base your knowledge upon your ignorance.Those of you who have the most knowledge, should also be those who have the most fear.

Quarn Courses

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  • Anywhere, Any Device.
  • Male/ Female Quran Teachers.
  • No Language Barrier.

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